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Have You Seen Grandpa Lately?

If we only had some free time we would have visited grandpa.
But life and its endless tasks, the kids and work...

and without noticing time flies and we haven't seen him for months.
Come to think of it,
where is he now?

מתי בפעם האחרונה
ראית את סבא?



It could happen to any family, and it happened to the Levingers':
their grandpa is missing.


Nice to meet you, I'm Tovit Neizer,
the author of "Have You Seen Grandpa Lately?"

תקציר העלילה
Plot Summary

"You don’t remember where your grandfather lives?” Asked Shmulik.

“Just ask.” 

The adjacent buildings made him confused. Some were renovated, rose with the years and stretched to the sides with green lush terraces.

The last time he visited the apartment was a few years back, when his grandfather received the Filipina caregiver and his mom asked him to swing by and make sure the two got along. His grandfather was edgy and detached, the Filipina sat in her room, silent and alert. His mother was away on a long trip and he didn’t want to worry her. With a short call he assured her that the two are perfectly fine and that sealed the deal for all sides.


Shmulik’s voice woke him up out of his memory.

“Here, she replied. ‘Rashi 43, flat no. 5, no intercom or a lock’. Well that’s great, later on you all wonder where he is and why he’s not answering. Many things could happen at a building where anyone can easily enter. Just don’t be surprised later on.”

On Passover eve Yoni arrives with his brother in law to his grandfather's home to pick him up for the family holiday dinner. Soon enough the two realize that the 90 years old grandfather is missing, with his Filipino caregiver.

The search after the grandfather unfolds the family dynamics at present and past and highlights their attempts to keep life unchanged.

Alongside the Israeli plot, the Filipino caregivers’ story takes the readers on a fascinating voyage through a transparent community who lives at old people’s homes and takes care of them.


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